Executing on Intentions with Yoga in the Park


My fitness record is one of trial, error, mostly failures, and a single success. That single success keeps me driven — a hint of hope among a sea of flops. But it lets me know that it’s possible for me to achieve results when I demonstrate discipline.

In the past, there were countless times I started some weird diet or exercise obsession, only to lose steam too fast because the regimen was just not sustainable. Mine is a story of setting unrealistic intentions and not following through when it comes to exercise.

It’s only been over the last couple of years that I’ve been doing a better job of creating balance through research of healthy habits, food, and exercise and then listening to what my body needs. Through this, I finally reached my goal weight and fitness level at one point — and I’m desperately trying to return to it.

King of Pops Unexpected Moments of Happiness 

Just like with my fitness history of failed attempts, it was after multiple failed attempts at attending that I finally dragged myself out to King of Pops Yoga in the Park on Sunday. This event, constantly showing up on my Facebook newsfeed, was one that my friends and I always planned to attend together, but then never did.

This weekly event is free and hosted by King of Pops, a Southeastern popsicle shop that makes handmade frozen treats of unique flavors like blackberry mojito, pineapple habanero, and banana puddin’. The business was started by brothers who decided to leave the corporate and legal worlds after the Great Recession and instead, channel their energy in creating “unexpected moments of happiness” through a pop stand.

I suppose sponsoring free yoga in the outdoors seems like a no-brainer for generating both good vibes and demand for popsicles.

Executing on intentions

There have been so many weeks when I’ve texted friends in the Atlanta area, each of us trying to motivate the other to attend, and in the end, none of us does.

On Sunday afternoon, I almost fell back into that pattern as my friend and I texted back and forth, waiting for the other to be the first to back out of our yoga date.

“Do you still plan to go? It’s sooooo hot outside.” I messaged her as the sun seared overhead while I hurriedly ran Sunday errands.

“I was gonna say the same to you! I’m lazy now, but I think I’ll enjoy it in spite of the heat,” she responded.

Each of us was waiting for the other to flake out, and I’m glad neither of us did.

We ended up attending, along with about 200 or so others who assembled on the lawn by the skate park in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.


I’ll admit, yoga in the park doesn’t give me the same feeling as when I attend a hot yoga session in the studio. Each has its benefits and drawbacks though. On the downside, it’s a much larger group, an open space, and the yoga instructor delivers guidance through a megaphone. At the same time, she has to. There are 200+ people there! And if you think about it, it’s pretty energizing to join an outdoor class on a Sunday evening with so many people at once.

Despite the megaphone, the yogi leading the practice provides the same encouragement and knowledge as when you’re in the studio, including advising practitioners to set their intentions for the session ahead.

Finally attending this event was symbolic for me. After weeks of talking about doing something I had intended to do, I actually did it.  It was a great way to set intentions not only for the session, but for this week and next three weeks as I head into a personal 21-day challenge of healthy eating and fitness.

You better believe my friend and I have already set a yoga date to be back at the park next week, rain or shine!



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