Hi there! My name is Amritha, and I thank you for visiting my blog, “In Transit: Journeys through far-off places, food, fitness & fulfillment.”

This is where I share tips, itineraries and stories from my travels for people who are looking for vacation inspiration or planning guides. If you’re a modest budget traveler looking to make the most of your global vacations or domestic weekend getaways, this is the place for you. 

This is also where I share vegetarian recipes that I make at home. If you are open to trying a range of flavors and cuisines, are a new vegetarian, or are a longtime vegetarian trying to get back into the kitchen and cook healthy, satisfying meals, this is the place for you. 

My passions are traveling to new places with friends and family, and cooking balanced vegetarian dishes at home for loved ones — all while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

To me, travel is the best form of education, especially in today’s world. It’s important to put ourselves in new settings, push our boundaries, learn about other ways of life and sometimes, feel a little uncomfortable to learn about ourselves and others. But this also brings about a sense of awe and fulfillment as you see new places and experience new things.

As for cooking, we all could do more of it at home! When we make meals ourselves, we can control the ingredients we use, understand what’s going into our bodies, and also, connect with others at a deeper level over a meal shared at home. To me, these are the moments worth cherishing.

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My Story


I am a former journalist and current marketer. I started this blog in 2008, just as I was completing undergraduate studies in Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. I wanted a space to write freely about anything, but I mainly found myself writing about my travels and reflections on work experiences as a news reporter.

As a reporter and editor in Guam
Completing my MBA summer internship at The Associated Press.

Since then, I earned my MBA and switched careers. I currently live in Atlanta with my husband, daughter, and infant son, and I work as a telecom, media and technology consultant for a multinational firm. However, I still enjoy writing.

Therefore, in 2015 I gave this blog more direction and focus on key areas that were of interest to me and that I found fulfilling:


Vegetarian Cooking: I am an American-born Indian Hindu from Gainesville, Florida. I was raised a vegetarian, so I know what to look out for in products, at restaurants, and when traveling because I have done it throughout my life. I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned over the years and provide you ways to make interesting meals of all cuisines; my passion is making versatile dishes beyond salads that are both healthy and satisfying.

Travel: I’ve traveled to 21 countries in Europe, Asia and North America since childhood, and it has been encouraging to see that things have come a long way for vegetarians since I was a kid. Traveling while on a primarily plant-based diet is now much easier since people have become more more socially, environmentally and nutritionally conscious. This makes traveling outside of the US a much more gratifying vacation experience.

But you don’t even have to venture far to exotic places to experience new things and encounter different people. Right here in the U.S., there are diverse landscapes, people, and ways of life. I’m here to show you how to make quick day trips, weekend getaways, and other domestic vacations feel like you are in a different world altogether— after all, these are the facets of this country that truly make it “America the Beautiful.”

It is through travel, food, and an active lifestyle that I have discovered deeper connections. Each of these continues to be a journey, hence, the title of the blog.

I’d love to hear about your experiences, so please share if something resonates with you, or follow or message me to connect directly, especially regarding content you’d like to see here. Thanks for visiting!