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Kicking Off a Personal 21-Day Challenge 

I’m in need of a major health reset weight-wise, so I’m going to kick things up a notch since I haven’t been disciplined the last few months (read: two years), and we have a June wedding to attend and a July anniversary trip for which I want to be fit and ready!

I’m creating and starting my own 21-day challenge which includes a strict diet and exercising daily. If it’s a success, I’m hoping to continue past the 21 days. If it’s a major failure, I might have to seek the help of a formal program, which I’m trying to avoid. I just don’t believe in having someone else tell you what you to do and what to eat, when. Each person is different and has to understand his/her body and create a plan that works for them. But, as I’ve mentioned in the past, this blog is called “In Transit” because it certainly is a journey, and not always a successful one.

Stage 1: Detox

I first spent the weekend reading up on some existing 21-day challenges that are out there, to help guide a plan for myself. Most programs seem to do detox the first week, so I spent last weekend drinking lots of water, several “cleansing” herbal teas and loading up on green detoxifying foods like V8 green juice, cabbage, arugula, spinach, etc. I’ve also been regularly drinking apple cider vinegar first thing in the mornings the past couple of weeks, so I’m hoping that’s set a good base as well. Still, I’ll be continuing with detoxifying foods and teas through this week, paired with exercise and yoga.

My hope is that I’ll be able to shed some pounds and feel energetic and positive without the help of a paid program or trainer. I feel like I’ve managed weight loss before so I can do it again if I really put my mind to it.

Thus, having completed an energizing session of yoga in the park on Sunday and meal prepping for the week, I’m feeling pumped! I’m counting on you to help hold me accountable, hence the reason for this post in the first place.

The terms


  • No refined sugars/sugary foods
  • No cheese or heavy dairy like cream, etc.
  • No carbs such as grains like rice, oats, even quinoa, etc– it’s just three weeks guys, don’t worry, I’m not swearing them off forever. I understand there needs to be balance.
  • No alcohol


  • Veggies — lots of them
  • Fruits (before 4 p.m.)
  • Greek yogurt for dairy/protein
  • Legumes like lentils and nuts, soy etc. for protein since I am vegetarian


  • Minimum 30 minutes of exercise daily, with a mix of cardio of strength workouts.
  • 64 oz water daily, of which 16 oz are some kind of herbal, detoxifying tea (like green tea or something with dandelion root, ginger)

It’s going to be tough given my overwhelming midday chocolate cravings, and the fact we have some weekend plans, which include a trip to Nashville over the Memorial Day weekend. Thankfully, my husband has stepped in to volunteer with providing full details and reviews of the tasty food and brews for my blogging purposes.

Day 1 of the challenge was yesterday, completed successfully, thanks to an amazing cheese-free, carb-free stuffed portobello mushroom dish I concocted over the weekend, the recipe for which I plan to share with you soon, once perfected! For lunch, I had this over bed of arugula and a side of cherry tomatoes, with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Dinner was roasted cauliflower and eggplant, picked up at Marrakesh at Ponce City Market since we were meeting friends. I snacked on raisins, walnuts, an apple and veggies with hummus through the day.

I finished the evening off with a 30-minute treadmill run late in the day.

Today starts Day 2. Wish me luck!


Feedback welcome!

I’m open to tips, guidance, suggestions, or just motivational messages, so feel free to leave some in the comments! If a 21-day challenge hasn’t worked for you, let me know why as well!

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