Kauai: The Garden Isle

We woke up this morning to catch a flight out to Kauai. I love inter-island flights because it’s like riding a bus. This flight was a whole 36 minutes. By the time you’re up in the air and they’ve served you juice, you’re already landing again.

There wasn’t much we could do today, since some places were closed due to it being Independence Day (for example the Kiluea Lighthouse). But we were able to make a visit to the Wailua Falls as soon as we arrived. However, the moment we stepped out of the car and started snapping photos, it started to rain. That’s the thing about Kauai. The Garden Isle is known to be the “wettest spot on Earth” because it receives the most rainfall in the world. Surely enough, there are frequent showers here and there. Then again, it also helps keep the lush vegetation verdant and creates some rainbows often as well. After all, Hawaii is the Rainbow State.


The Wailua Falls is where the show Fantasy Island was originally shot, so the scenery may seem pretty familiar. Then again, the Hawaiian Islands are a popular site for shooting, for instance Jurassic Park and LOST.

After the falls, we drove along the beach to the north side of the island, stopping for a picnic at Wailua Beach. It was still a bit cloudy out, but that was fine with me since I’m not looking for a tan. -1

We stopped to check into our condo on the way further north. After all, we’d woken up at 5 and were in need of a nap and some refreshment. We continued north past the heavenly Princeville Resort, conveniently situated facing Hanalei Bay.

From there we proceeded past Lumahai Beach (another popular surf spot and ranked on Fodors Guide of top beaches)



Our drive took us past the wet and dry caves (cave pictures, obviously, did not turn out well). We kept it simple today, but tomorrow, the plan is to visit the Hindu Shiva temple (absolutely spellbinding) and Poipu Beach.

2 comments on “Kauai: The Garden Isle

  1. Your mom looks cute. What was in the plastic chip bag? Maui St…?


  2. Maui Style Chips. They’re basically kettle-cooked chips, but they sell em all over the island. We like em a lot so I had to include it in the picture.


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