Deja Vu: Layover in Tokyo

1432428633_7834f73cc6(Flickr photo by Joi)

Funny thing happened to me on my way to Guam. I almost thought I was traveling to India again.

3448352055_d80b4d26e9As I got myself comfortable in the business class upper deck of the 747-400 (one of the last of its breed, since Boeing plans to discontinue the Series 400 model to make way for the series 800)  and the plane was taxiing away from the gate, the captain announced that something was wrong with the plane and the flight would be slightly delayed. I didn’t think much of it as I dozed off under the warmth of a thick comforter and the lull of the massage chair.

Until two hours later I was asked to deplane…

My flight was delayed, I miss my connection to Hagatna, and as I type this sitting in the exact same Radisson Hotel where I was stuck just a few months ago, I can only laugh at how familiar this whole scenario is.

(Flickr photo by RavenforLenore)

1 comment on “Deja Vu: Layover in Tokyo

  1. At least you got off the plane, right?


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