Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon on the north side of Kauai has been carved out over millions of years by water and wind erosion. Although smaller in scale, the red and brown sediments are contrasted by the verdant cliffs within the same stretch, much like the Canyon of the mainland. The Napali Cliffs are so steep that the only way to see them up close is by helicopter ferry tours or by hiking.



Don’t be fooled by the canyon’s dry appearance; the lookout points from where you view it are frequented with showers. In fact, one spot in particular, Mount Waialeale, is known to be the wettest spot in the world, receiving the most rainfall per year. But sooner or later, the sun slices through the clouds to shed light on the lush valleys below and the Na’Pali ridges, their folds like the pleats of a sari.



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  1. hey the snaps are amazing..thank you for sharing them.. 🙂


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