Flying like a Maharani

A week before my departure from Chennai my dad gave me explicit instructions on how to check my bags all the way through to Tampa.

Dearest Amritha,
This is how your bags must be tagged. Please
show this to the Indian Airlines agent.

Destination: Tampa TPA

NW 648 May 2

via Los Angeles LAX

NW 002 May 2

via Tokyo(Narita) NRT

NW 020 May 2

via Singapore SIN

IC 557 May 1

(from Chennai)
============================== ===============


1) Sometimes, agents carelessly put TYO as
the three letter code for Tokyo. TYO stands
for Tokyo’s Haneda airport (old). The three letter
code for Tokyo Narita is NRT. Please check this
when the bags are tagged.

2) Sometimes agents carelessly put LOS as the
three letter code for Los Angeles. LOS stands
for Lagos, Nigeria. LAX is the three letter code
for Los Angeles. Please check this when the bags
are tagged.

Enjoy your trip.


Sounds simple enough, but trust me, the airline agents always put up a fuss when it comes time to tag the bags all at once from the first flight.

I’ll admit I was already a little skeptical about traveling Indian Airlines after years of flying Jet Airways, because all I remember from my experiences with Air India and Indian Airlines from trips earlier than the Jet era are delays, long waits, and pretentious stewardesses. I had a feeling this trip back home was going to get off to a bumpy start…..

Well, I’m pleased to say that, Indian Airlines proved me completely wrong.

When I arrived at the check-in counter, sighing with my dad’s notes in hand, the agent looked at me, my tickets and said, “Don’t worry, when you travel Indian Airlines, you don’t have to worry about anything. All smiles.”

Umm. I beg to differ.

But check-in took less than 10 minutes. And to my pleasant surprise they even upgraded me to first class. Sweet.

The in-flight meal? Four choices. Two for veg and non-veg each. I was completely satisfied with my pick of the palak paneer, complete with pilaf, papad, paratha, curd rice, pickle and a chocolatey dessert. I know I usually complain about what India has to offer, but let me tell you, when it comes to food selection and preparation, the Indians have it right. (I hardly ever eat my meals when I fly Northwest).

The flight itself was smooth, comfortable. When I landed I thought, “Ahh, now that was a flight I didn’t even feel go by.” The way it should be.

So this is my formal thank you tribute to Indian Airlines. I commend them for cleaning up their act and delivering true Maharani service, perhaps miles higher than their counterparts.

1 comment on “Flying like a Maharani

  1. Jis Joseph

    One good testimonial isn’t good enough for me. hmph.


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