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Celebrating the Goddess on Navarathri


Back in Gainesville my friends and family are doing their rounds—both in seeing house kolus at friends’ homes and dancing around the Goddess on the garba floor.

Alladi house kolu in Gainesville. (Photo courtesy of  Jis Joseph)

Here on Guam, no such event took place, to my disappointment.

I was however able to meet several members of the community through a dinner hosted at the Indian Temple of Guam to celebrate Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s (“Ammachi’s”) birthday…something I never saw myself doing, but I was starved for some Indian company, and Ammachi is considered a “Goddess” in her own right. I’ll just have to consider this an alternative way to celebrate Navarathri on an island where Hindu human resources may be limited.

I saw a lot of new faces and even got some people interested in putting together a small program for Diwali.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it materializes soon, since time is running.

3 comments on “Celebrating the Goddess on Navarathri

  1. Marie-Claire

    Can you please tell me the location of the Indian Temple? I have been searching around without much luck, and online searched have only led to some other, unrelated website.


    • It’s next to the Onward Resort water park in Tamuning. If you’re heading towards the Sheraton, it’s after the Fiesta resort on your left, and before the intersection where you can either go straight to the hospital, left to Sheraton, or right to Pay-Less.


      • Marie-Claire

        Thank you so much. I lost this website and I see you answered me ages ago! I saw the place you spoke of, and it always looks closed, so I wasn’t certain how active it was.


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