Aloha (continued)

After lunch, we spent the rest of the day just driving around the island, passing along Makapu’u Point from where you can see Rabbit Island, Turtle Islands, and sometimes even Molokkkai if it’s a clear day.

Rabbit Island(it looks like a rabbit swimming in water with it’s ears tucked behind)


As the placard indicates, the Hawaiian Islands play home to Humpback whales in the winters, when the whales migrate to warmer waters. The island of Maui is most known for whale-watching. My family and I had the chance to see whales breaching, that is, literally jumping out of the water and landing on their backs or sides, in January of 2000.

But on this trip, we stopped at the Blow Hole where you get a good view of Sandy Beach.


The Blow Hole (which I think is common to many islands) is a rock formation such that when waves crash against it, water shoots through the hole resembling the “blow hole” of a whale.


There is a similar Blow Hole on the island of Kauai called the Spouting Horn, but that one even makes a noise as the water shoots through the hole.

And although we’d already gone swimming for the day, we stopped at Hanauma Bay, a popular snorkeling spot.


We kept driving to the Windward side of the island where the mountains/cliffs have so many folds and ridges, you can literally tell where lava flowed thousands of years ago. I didn’t take any pictures because that side of the island was too cloudy to capture anything good at the time. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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