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Atlanta Dining: Countless Pasta Creations at Mirko

Atlanta pasta lovers: rejoice! You can let your pasta fantasies run wild at Mirko Pasta, where the options are endless and the food is fresh!

Atlanta pasta lovers: rejoice! You can let your pasta fantasies run wild at Mirko Pasta, where the options are endless and the food is fresh!

Mirko Pasta, which has two locations in the Atlanta area — one on Roswell Road and another in Marietta– focuses on local, fresh ingredients to make Italian food cooked with love. You can choose an Italian favorite from the menu, or build your own pasta creation from a combination of hand-made pastas made from scratch daily. All you have to do is select your noodle, your sauce, and your protein and veggie add-ons. Plus, for the health-conscious, they have gluten-free options as well as spinach noodles. If you don’t know what a certain type of pasta shape is, they even have a display of their pasta varieties, which is helpful.

Because Mirko Pasta is listed for 2-for-1 entrée deals in the Dining Out Atlanta Passbook, I went there for dinner one night after work and met my husband there. It was the middle of the week, but since I had been experiencing a hectic few days, we knew I wouldn’t have time to make dinner at home, but still wanted something made fresh.

Enter Mirko.

The ingredients are sourced locally, the crops, picked at just the right time, and the produce, cheeses and livestock products are from facilities and farms whose owners have direct relationships with food processors, so the quality is ensured personally, according to the restaurant’s website. The idea is simple: the fewer middle agents there are between the food source and the table, the fresher and better it tastes.

Just like grandma used to make

When we got there, we were seated within a few minutes. I noticed how cozy and warm the atmosphere at Mirko was. That’s the feeling that Chef Mirko di Giacomantonio is going for: a casual Italian eatery that feels like you are at grandma’s house, especially since his cooking is inspired by his “Noni.” Sure, the lighting is certainly “mood lighting,” but I found it to be a good spot for an intimate dinner with a significant other or close group of friends.

The moment the complimentary bread arrived, I saw Mirko’s creativity shine. They don’t serve the typical olive oil and balsamic blend. Instead, their bread is served with a white bean dipping sauce, more substantial than the usual dips at some restaurants.

When I was perusing their menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see their list of pastas included diverse shapes and sizes, including filled pastas like gnocchi, and (six!) varieties of ravioli.

Choose your own (pasta) adventure

If you think the menu and concept sound similar to another Atlanta pasta place, Figo Pasta, you would be right. Giacomantonio was involved with developing Figo Pasta as well.

I ordered the build-your-own spinach gemelli with pesto cream sauce, and my husband got the pear and gorgonzola ravioli with alfredo. The gorgonzola ravioli was a creamy and savory treat without being too heavy.

Because there are so many combinations to try, we went back a second time a few months later with friends. That time, we ordered the artichoke dip appetizer to share. The dip was good, but what I really enjoyed was the fried ravioli– perfectly crispy on the outside and ooey gooey goodness inside! I’m glad it came with a tomato dipping sauce, so the acidity of the tomatoes could balance out the rich creaminess of the ravioli.

For my entrée, I ordered the eggplant parmesan, and I scarfed down every bite! On the dinner menu, the eggplant parm is listed as an appetizer, but I asked the server if an entree portion was possible and she said yes. It was delicious! I enjoyed the touch of fresh basil included in this dish. I also tried the gnocchi my husband ordered, and that was tasty too!

One thing I love about this place is that the portion sizes are reasonable, so you don’t feel too stuffed, and that way, you can also enjoy a sweet treat from their dessert menu if you desire. On this particular occasion we didn’t, since the appetizer and entrée together had been satisfying enough. We will have to try their tiramusu, gelato, or crepes with fresh strawberries the next time we visit.

After all, with so many pasta options, there’s every reason to go back.



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