Self-Guided Iceland Itineraries – 3 Days, 7 Days

Key attractions, beyond Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon, to make the most of your Iceland visit.


The land of fire and ice is flourishing with waterfalls, bubbling lagoons, green gulches and glaciers from every corner.

With so much beauty abounding, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to spend your time when visiting Iceland. We read and found that the best way to tour the country was through a self-guided road trip through the south, so we rented a basic SUV, stopping at grocery stores and gas stations along the way to pick up food, since that was much more affordable than dining at restaurants. Even if you are not traveling with an infant like we were, a self-guided tour will allow you to choose where and for how long you stop at the natural attractions, as the landscapes of Iceland guarantee visitors lose track of time.

These two itineraries list the key attractions to make the most of your trip whether you’re visiting for just a weekend or for up to a week. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for complete blog posts detailing these attractions further, with reviews of accommodations and sites.

One Week Through Southern Iceland

Three-Day Iceland Itinerary


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