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15 Gift Ideas for the Foodie In Your Life

From adorable stocking stuffers, to bigger items that could weigh down Santa's sleigh, this is the ultimate guide for the foodie in your life.

Disclosure: I sometimes receive products below to review or attend events where the products were demonstrated. However, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by any of the companies listed. This post contains affiliate links which means, at no cost to you, I may earn commission if you click through to purchase. 


Whether you’re the foodie, or you know someone else who eats, breathes and LIVES all things food, this is your gift guide to culinary nirvana. Don’t worry about shipping — most of them can be found locally here in Atlanta at The Cook’s Warehouse. But, if you don’t live in Atlanta, you can certainly order these online too.  From adorable stocking stuffers, to bigger items that could weigh down Santa’s sleigh, this is the ultimate guide to get you from office holiday parties to family reunions this season.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Avoquado: $9.99


If, like me, you just cannot get enough avocado, you’ll want this handy dandy device in your top kitchen drawer. The Avoquado is all you need to make the perfect guacamole or avocado mash for your toast. It allows you to cut, pit, slice and scoop your favorite little green fruit all at once, and can be easily cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.

2. Fry Wall: $21.99- $28.99

fry wall

This one sounds like it’s not a big deal, but for the avid home cook (and neat freak) trust me, keeping the stovetop clean is a priority! After a full day of work and an evening of cooking, the last thing I want to do is spend time cleaning the stove afterwards. That’s where the Fry Wall comes in handy. You place this silicone cone around the edge of your frying pan when you START cooking, and it will prevent the splatter and mist from getting onto your range (that splatter screens can’t prevent). And, in case of spillover during cooking, it guards your stovetop while giving you full access to the pan at the same time. This BPA-free product can also be thrown into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

3. Salt Sisters Salts, Blends and Rubs (starting at $6.99)

salt sisters

These flavored packets of salt are unrefined, and thus, healthier for you, since unrefined salt can be processed and metabolized more easily, while still supplying the minerals your body needs. These salts come in three varieties: 1) classic sea salt and mineral salt, 2) smoked salts 3) flavored salts, which have been “fused” with one other natural flavor. These salts are a great addition to a food gift basket or stocking because they will always get used to season your loved ones’ food!

4. Wine Wand: $11.99 for package of 3

wine wand

Consider this gift a Christmas miracle! You all know I love anything wine, and I’m lucky because I’ve never had an issue with getting an allergic reaction. However, I know that wine can be problematic for some people, so this little gadget allows them to enjoy a glass stress-free.

As if by magic, the Wine Wand is a filter that alleviates all those nasty hangover-like symptoms like headaches, congestion and facial flushing. The wand removes histamines and sulfites in both red and white wine, leaving nothing behind in the glass, so all you get is the rich, unadulterated and natural flavor of the wine.

Plus, wine enthusiasts can keep this portable device in their purse or pocket so they can relax and enjoy a glass of wine while dining out too.

Gifts that make you go ga-ga

5. Chai Box : $79.99 – (personal favorite!)

chai box

This one is one of my favorites for its simplicity and story! Co-founder Monica Sunny said she got the idea for the chai box when her three boys were growing up. She kept a stash of spices in the typical Indian masala tin used for cooking, and whenever her kids wanted a hot cup of chai, they would say “get the chai box, mom.” From there, the idea for the Chai Box took off, and now Sunny sources organic, pure ingredients straight from the tea estates in India.

This is great for tea lovers! Each chai box is comprised of seven containers of ingredients: 6 oz of True Blend, 2 oz of cardamom, 2 oz of fennel seed, 1 oz of cinnamon bark, 1 oz of clove and a recipe card. No longer will you have to hit up your local coffee shop or tea house for a great cup of Indian chai. Traditional spiced tea can be made right in the comfort of your home!

6. Cooking Class – (Personal Favorite!)

FullSizeRender (3)
Chef Nancy Waldeck, author of the cookbook Taste and Savor, performs a cooking demonstration on Nov. 28, 2017 at The Cook’s Warehouse store in Chamblee. 

I love this one because it is an experience that leaves an impression. We know that increasingly, millennials are spending more money on experiences rather than things. Instead of giving that special someone an object to fill up their home, why not get them a gift certificate for a class that builds upon their passion?

Many of the items I’ve already listed here are available at The Cook’s Warehouse, which offers all the tools you need for a complete kitchen — including cooking lessons!

The Cook’s Warehouse offers more than 800 classes a year for all ages, and events range from date night, girl’s night out, specific skills such as grilling or knife skills, and even lessons to suit particular lifestyles, such as how to cook vegetarian or gluten-free.

  • To find out more about classes, email Cooking School Director Wendy Allen at
  • To book a private event, email Events Manager Tamiera Barlow at

For my non-Atlanta folks, check Groupon or Sur La Table for deals on local cooking classes and demonstrations.

7. Moscow Muled Mugs: $12.50 (Personal Favorite!)

image1 (1)

Something about that copper mug just gives cocktails a refined look, but, in fact, you can also use these copper mugs for more than that  gin-and-ginger beer drink. Put those moscow mule mugs to more use by serving other chilled drinks such as punch, cold cider, or iced tea. These handcrafted, hammered mugs are made by artisans in India.  As a desi, I saw these mugs and was reminded of the copper vessels used in India as serving dishes, so I think of serving chilled water, lassi or raita in these mugs.

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system based on natural herbs and minerals, copper vessels were used for their anti-microbial properties. Long ago, copper was the metal that was easily available, but people soon learned of its natural healing properties such as anti-aging benefits and improved digestion.

True, copper can react negatively with highly acidic or dairy contents, but that’s why these particular moscow mule mugs are so great; they are lined with nickel so you are protected from any of the harmful effects of copper, while still keeping an authentic look. Easy to clean with warm water, mild dish soap and lemon, these mugs are a great gift for the cocktail enthusiast or friend who loves to play host.

8. Nachtman Punkd Glassware: Sets from $34.99-$135.99

nachtmann punk.png

The design of these glasses is so unique, they are bound to get your guests talking when you serve up an Old Fashioned! Designed by Anke Bunkmann in conjunction with the London design school, Central Saint Martins, these glasses juxtapose punk elements with luxury. I love the details on these glasses, and personally, I find that the textured design creates a no-slip grip.

9. Swissmar Fondue Pot : $79.99 – $99.99

swissmar fondue.png

Take it from someone who has made fondue many times– fondue, while it literally means “melted,” is more than just melted cheese. Sometimes it takes the right equipment and ingredients to really get the consistency right.

I’ve tried making fondue with regular saucepans, double-boilers and pots, and it’s just not the same. An actual, designated fondue pot truly does help get it right.

This is a great gift for the friend who loves to host, as they can make an entire “wine and fondue” themed night around the fondue pot.

10. Swissmar Raclette: $149.99


This is a non-stick granite heating stone that can be used similar to a griddle for making pancakes, crepes, fajitas and quesadillas. I use my griddle ALL the time for making crepe, French toast, black bean burgers and even pressed sandwiches (when I’m too lazy to pull out the panini press) so I appreciate the versatility of this type of utensil. However, in the case of this raclette, the granite stone offers better presentation and  the fact that you can plug it in anywhere allows for portability around your kitchen, so you don’t have to be tied to the stove when you’re entertaining guests. Plus, while you are cooking one item on the stone, you can heat up to three dipping sauces/condiments underneath the stone at the same time.

11. JK Adams Cheese Board Gift Set : $24.99

JK Adams Monogrammed Board Image

You may think that a personalized cheese board sounds, well, cheesy, but let me tell you as someone who has received one as a gift–they are a conversation starter, and a great gift for people who like to entertain dinner guests!

The cheese board my husband and I received from my sister a couple years ago had both of our names on it, and the year we got married, since it was an anniversary present. We’ve used it as a serving platter at dinner parties and our friends thought it was so unique since it gave the table a personal touch.

These particular gift sets by JK Adams can be monogrammed with a single letter, and include an 11” X 16” maple cheese board as well as a  6” stainless steel spreader for soft cheeses and spreads.

For those on Santa’s “Nice” list

12. Cheese Grotto : $349

cheese grotto 2.png

Are you seeing a trend here? We love cheese!

My husband and I buy so much cheese and stuff it into the drawers of our fridge. We are always running out of room for it.

That’s where this Cheese Grotto could come into great use.

The “grotto” is essentially a wood and glass storage case with two removable shelves. However, the vaulted ceiling of the case allows for condensation control, and the handcrafted brick at the lower base controls humidity, so your block of cheese continues to stay fresh longer. Thus, it’s not only a great display case, but actually helps store and maintain your cheese as well.

13. Smoking Box by Fortessa: $249.99

smoking box by fortessa.png

This smoking chamber is ideal for bringing a woody, rich flavor to both food and drink without the hassle of a grill or smoke pit. In fact, this piece is part of the Crafthouse by Fortessa collection, which is a complete barware set. (By the way, I had not even heard of smoked drinks until I saw the demonstration of the Smoking Box at the Cook’s Warehouse last month, and let me tell you, this is certainly a great way to add some flare to your guy’s man cave).

image1 (2)

Novice and advanced bartenders can spruce up their home bars with this device, which uses wood chips and a “smoke gun” to push smoke into a small, double-sided glass chamber. The chamber can be opened from both the front and back sides, allowing bartenders to serve their drink to guests in a dramatic way.

But don’t be afraid to use this for food either.

14. Big Green Egg: ($597-$1198.99)

Big green egg

Vegetarians– don’t dismiss this one. If, like me, you live in a house divided (i.e. carnivore+herbivore= because, opposites attract, obv) remember that this is one gift that can work for both of you. There are a ton of veggie dishes you can cook in this hefty outdoor cooker.

Just like its name says, this is basically an egg-shaped ceramic shell meant to maintain consistent temperature from 200*F-900* F at the grill surface in any weather. Two finely-tuned air controls allow you to manage the temperature inside with precision because they regulate air flow.

According to Guy Alredge, sales associate with the Cook’s Warehouse, vegetables can be cooked in the egg at about 425°F, and since the appliance comes with a paella pan… I’m thinking…outdoor Latin night?

This device is also perfect for soups, to be cooked in the dutch oven, or a stir-frys, to be cooked on the grill pan.

Bottom line: this is an all-weather outdoor cooker that can be used to cook just about anything remotely.

15. Jura Coffee Machines: Starting at $1,899 (Personal Favorite!)


This one is on my personal wish list.

There are three tiers of this versatile automatic coffee machine, and it comes in different varieties, depending on your wish for customization. These machines can automatically dispense regular coffee, espresso and some have steamers to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. At the highest tier you can program six different users or drinks into the system, so each person in your family can get “their usual” at the press of a button.

Don’t sweat the holiday shopping! You’ve still got six more days until Christmas, so show the foodie in your life some love. And hey, if that’s you,  feel free to share this list with your friends and family so they get the hint 🙂 You’re welcome.

** All product photos provided by The Cook’s Warehouse

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