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The Only Kitchen Appliance I’ll Need


This Christmas, my husband got me a Magic Bullet because he noticed I was drinking many smoothies and thought I should just be making them at home. I didn’t realize how versatile a blender could be.

In just the last few days, this appliance has become my new favorite, and I can foresee it replacing my four other blenders (two handheld, one regular, and one food processor) entirely. Complete with a book of “10-second” recipes that cover everything from coffee drinks and breakfast muffins to dips, soups, burgers and cocktails, this appliance seems to be able to do it all.


On my first day using my new toy, I made two smoothies and hummus–all were delish and came to the perfect consistency.


Tonight, for New Years Eve, we’ll be having some friends over and I’ll be making more of the hummus and also trying the bruschetta recipe and the berry sorbet (stay tuned for results). Wish me luck as we usher in the new year!


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