“No parenting skills” a lame excuse

I was absolutely disgusted reading the paper this morning to find that the Department of Children and Families had released the information that the parents of 4-year old Kristina Hepp did not have the proper “parenting skills,” when her father was given custody of the child he killed just a few months later.

Parenting isn’t something you have to learn. You just know it. Humans have been taking care of their offspring for centuries. Why now do we suddenly need to learn how to be good parents and take care of our children, when it’s been coming to us naturally all along? Has our society become so self-absorbed and preoccupied that we have to learn how to take care of our own children?

It’s one thing to say parents may need to learn from their doctor what kind of formula to give their child, or how to deal with a child’s disability etc., and even the DCF’s investigation into Hepp’s mother rejecting toilet-training and speech communication classes is valid. But I’m pretty sure adults of human intelligence know that abuse and murder are not part of good parenting.

No. This is a lame excuse. The “insanity plea” of parenting. And of course, the judge who placed the child in the father’s “care” is also at fault here. Did he not look into the father’s previous criminal record which included charges filed against him for domestic violence, burglaries, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia?

Not that it’s entirely the judge’s fault for this father’s brutality. We need to call this man out on his selfishness and cold-heartedness.

He killed his daughter. He knew what he was doing. He didn’t care. He didn’t need to take a class to know that it’s not right to kill someone, let alone, your own kid.

Let’s not make up lame excuses for the miscreants in our society. Lock. him. up.

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