At IBN: excerpts from my internship diary

The political news reporter had apparently already set off an a shoot early this morning around 7 or 8, so I guess I missed her. But the CNBC correspondent, was in the office. Basically, she spent most of today teaching me and the other interns how things work and what we should be doing and how to do it. It started when I handed her a list of about 10-11 story ideas I had with descriptions. She said they were good ideas, but she emphasized the need for a hard news peg of national relevance. After I handed her my list, she went through and explained to us, point by point, why some ideas could and work and why others wouldn’t. Finally, I concluded that these were ideas with which I could follow through:

1) PMK party in Tamil Nadu is pushing for prohibition laws. So, what will this mean for liquor stores and liquor store owners? What will be the implications for the state since liqor IS taxed heavily? How much money will they lose and how do they plan to make up the money lost in taxes?…etc. Basically, the economic impact if prohibition were to go through. Will probably also get a reaction from the Tamil Nadu Trade Market Coproration about how liquor salesmen feel etc. What they’re doing to stop the law from being implemented

2) South Indian actress Namitha came up as like the number 9th actress Googled. and she’s well…hefty. Meanwhile north Indian actress Katrina placed 6th. So what is it about south Indian culture/perception that makes the heavier women more attractive, cuz it obviously wouldnt fly in the north.

3) recession and jobs: what are the 5 safest jobs right now? Are students changing their career choices because of the recession? which are the 5 least safe job right now? Many people are cutting corners and tightening their budget…but who’s still safe and actually making money during this recession?

She also showed us some of her previous work to give us an example of the kind of information we should be looking for, the kind of clips we need to shoot, and the kinds of bites to pull, etc.

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