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Blogrolling: (n) the practice of exchanging ideas through a blog

I start this blog as a platform to share my voice and document my travel, work, and personal experiences.

When I first heard about blogging I was not enthused. So what? Another venue for people to rant about their opinions. As if we don’t have enough of those. What was even more annoying was that while I would do background research (Google, anyone?) on topics for my reporting class, I’d run into a handful of blog links, but I couldn’t use them as legitimate sources of information….

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That’s what I thought then. But now that I think more on it, hearing the perspectives of people is part of what being a journalist entails–you know, getting all –not just “both”– sides to a story. So perhaps the blogosphere won’t provide you with facts. But it provides you with emotions, sentiments, thoughts, and ultimately, the voice of people, which is one of the purposes of journalism: to give the people a voice.

So two days ago when someone suggested I start a blog, I figured, why not? This can be my creative outlet, and give me a place to share my thoughts, writing, concerns, experiences both personally and professionally.  In a news setting, we can’t insert our opinion. At least a blog allows me to contribute my two cents and share my views on the industry and other issues.

So here goes…’s to sharing what I have to say, in a nut shell.

Why do you blog?

Do you have a blog? Are you thinking of starting one? I want to hear what inspired you to start a blog and how you got into it. How did you figure out what to blog about, and how you would approach your posts? Let me know in the comments below, or message me! 


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