The next world power?

Perhaps my view of India thus far has been far too simplistic. A recent conversation got me thinking……


im inspired to make a list: the top 100 things i hate about india
…i’d be fair and make the top 15 things i like about india as well
Jis: do it
blog it
me: u know though as much as i get frustrated with india, i myself hate putting it down in front of other ppl
u know?
10:45 PM Jis: yeah
i dont do it
me: i really meant it when i said i feel like I criticize india too much
sometimes i feel bad
Jis: i try and paint a positive picture
me: but then…in this country, so many things dont works. officials are corrupt. its dirty…
Jis: i mean, most people think india is like a 3rd world country
like those in africa
which it isnt
me: exactly
i dont want to add to it
Jis: exactly
10:46 PM but there are tons of things that i just dont like to deal with over there
Jis: like the mosquitoes
me: yep
Jis: the traffic
the crowds
its nice to go for a few weeks
but not long term
me: you know though, ages ago singapore used to be like this and look at singapore now..gorgeous
we do it to ourselves
10:47 PM if indians dont fix it, they will remain like this
Jis: india will never reach where singapore is now
well i mean
they wont catch up
because there are too many ppl
population size hurts growth
its slower
me: its possible to do. u see glimpses of it when u enter the five star hotels, the corporate buildings…
it CAN be glitzy too
10:48 PM Jis: and singapore… well being under the rule of a rich and powerful nation for almost a hundred years doesnt hurt
me: but its just, people are lazy. the money is eaten up by the monsters that run the place
Jis: yeah, there’s that glitzy stuff in africa too
but not the nation as a whole
me: right
Jis: true
corruption has to do with that too
but still
a large amount of people makes for slow progress
10:49 PM me: it wont happen with so many uneducated people and so many corrupt “public” officials
Jis: u would think its the opposite
education is on the rise in india though
the older folks wont get it
but the youngster
they are getting it
which is awesome
especially in the south
which is showing
me: its may be on the rise
but its not enough
10:50 PM Jis: because the south is more literate, the IT industry is booming down there
or was
yeah. it’ll never be enough.
i cant see india catching up
nor china
me: yeah. but ppl really do think india and china will be the next world powers,
Jis: china… mostly because of its communism
that, no doubt
10:51 PM they will be powerful
but power, and living like a singapore native are two different things
Jis: china is already more powerful, and economically stable, and can build anything they want
but living there is crap
10:52 PM me: ok yeah. i know population control laws are harsh there…but look– now they’ve somewhat stabilized it. I know they’re harsh, but indians continue to keep making more of us
10:53 PM and if what ur saying is right…that because of our population we’re slower at progress
than we too should implement something similar i think
maybe not AS strict
but something
i dont think there’s a strict written law in india….just campaigns to have two kids at most
Jis: thats hard though
in an agricultural society
most of india is still farm land
its a way a life
me: so pretty much india is just stuck?
Jis: and big families are better for that
its cheaper
not stuck
it WILL progress
me: very very slowly
Jis: it WILL become powerful
10:55 PM Jis: but the QUALITY of life will not catch up to the netherlands, scandinavia, singapore, hong kong…
Jis: i mean, india needs to educate all its children
thats a huge step
because studies show
higher education leads to lower birthrates
its shown all over the world according to world census
there’s a correlation
we talked about it in one of my ecology classes
10:57 PM so when kids in india know about contraceptives… well population rate should stabilize
india needs to transform its economy
which it is doing
and its showing positive results
IT is booming
and it might be centralized there soon
if not, it already years
10:58 PM india has the brains for that
tourism is growing too
but it cant depend on just agriculture
that lifestyle IS slow
and demands for larger families
that usually goes away with better education
me: well right, but thats what i meant by, there are still such a large portion of people not educated enough.
10:59 PM Jis: more educated ppl = more ppl that can think independently
so its not something that india can fix tomorrow
or ten yrs
it takes a generation or two
me: ugh. :-/
11:00 PM u just told the most impatient person “a generation or two” great.
11:01 PM Jis: lol
you are just raised in america
everything moves fast
instant gratification
u call the cable guy
he’s there within the day
u ask for a black and white iced mocha
its there in a minute
india has a ton of ppl to serve
so it’ll be slower.

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1 comment on “The next world power?

  1. Anjalee

    On the note of the south being amazingly progressive…to be fair to both sides ALL of India is progressing. Especially in the younger generations. The IT is sometimes just a bunch of people reading prompts in a language they barely understand. I myself have noticed especially kids from Mumbai and Delhi are very forward thinking and analyze India objectively. They know they have to go back and become a part of the system to see the changes. They have the same opinion of India as we do.
    So…yes the South has proven to welcome the changes, but that is after years of being very stubborn to open their arms to a progressive/westernized system.
    Like I said…I’m in the middle. And I despise this whole “North/South” bs. Im NOT trying to spark anything in that area. Just saying- ALL of India’s younger generations are opening their eyes and aiming to instigate the change they know is necessary.


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