Acquainted With the Sun

I have been one acquainted with the sun

I have walked out, squinted into her scorching depths

cautiously peered past the jagged asphalt ledges

lest her shards carve out my eyes.

I have outwalked the reaches of her glowing fingers.

She has illuminated these rolling ridges, and

I have looked down all their green-grassed sides

I have found no single side more verdant than another

I have stood still for sunsets, sand crumbling beneath my feet,

when far away the blush of its rays at dusk

has outlined the edges of the clouds

not to call me back or say goodbye—

but to leave me bronzed and sunkissed.

That glowing orb teems with life,

proclaiming that she is all at once….

I have been one acquainted with the sun.


Atlanta-based online journalist offering guides on travel, vegetarian food, and an active lifestyle. Stories from travel, cooking and dining adventures to provide you ideas of things to do, see, and eat in Atlanta and around the world.

3 comments on “Acquainted With the Sun

  1. Ditto, as in the previous post.
    However, “I have been Acquainted With the Sun” reminds me of something — Emerson?


  2. Sorry.


  3. Amritha Alladi

    Yep, it should ring a bell. It was actually an assignment for class and supposed to be modeled after a well-known poem. So I used Robert Frost’s “Acquainted With the Night.”


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